Objects of power - a philosophy of life

I believe 

in dreams



no time to waste

i was given  

tribal knowledge  

from a young age  

and with it  

a bead

a seed

Or a bracelet  

it is now time  

for me to do the same  

with others

remind them

that all posibilities

Are there to tap into 

it s all a question of frequency  



in one self  

the universe

the time has come  

To reach inside

to that place  

that is pure light  


no duality  

only clarity  

traditional societies

used jewellery as a talisman  

a reminder of choices we make  

the time has come  

in all of our lives

to do the same  

to leap  

to surrender  

to embrace  

to trust  

to do what we can  

to become whole  

so we have something to offer

to the world  

to one another